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 1:1 Programs - Career Fulfilment Architect: Define Your Purpose and Feel Empowered

The focus of the programs:

Personal Growth, Gaining Clarity, Finding Your Purpose, Mindset Development,
Overcoming Underlying Beliefs, Personal Branding, Setting Achievable & Realistic

Goals to Create A Fulfilling Career Path

Location: Online via Google Meet or Zoom 

In-between-session support: Email and WhatsApp messaging support is available between sessions to provide ongoing support. 

Note: These guidelines serve as a framework for your Career Accelerator program.

They are designed to provide structure and direction but are adaptable to your needs and preferences.


Feel free to communicate your specific goals and areas of focus so that the program can be tailored to best suit your requirements. Your feedback and input are highly valued throughout the process, ensuring a personalised and meaningful experience.

 3 week x 60 1:1 Career Fulfilment Architect

Price:  £375

Duration: Must be finished in 1 month  - 3 x 60 min sessions

Subject to coaching contract


Week 1: Self-Discovery and Clarity

- Session 1 (Week 1): Explore Desires and Aspirations, Identify Core Values


Week 2: Empowerment and Vision

- Session 2 (Week 2): Uncover Barriers to Progress, Self-Reflection Exercises


Week 3: Decision Making and Action

- Session 3 (Week 3): Self-Reflection and Strengths Discovery, Goal Setting and Action Planning


6-Week Program (6 sessions total)

Price: £750

Duration: 6 weeks - 6 x 60 min sessions

Subject to coaching contract.


Week 1-2: Self-Discovery and Empowerment

- Session 1 (Week 1): Explore Desires, Aspirations, and Core Values

- Session 2 (Week 2): Uncover Barriers, Self-Reflection, and Strengths Discovery


Week 3-4: Vision and Clarity

- Session 3 (Week 3): Cultivate Positive Mindset, Resilience, and Clarity on Vision

- Session 4 (Week 4): Values-Based Decision-Making and Defining Authentic Self


Week 5-6: Action and Growth

- Session 5 (Week 5): Goal Setting, Action Planning, and Continuous Learning

- Session 6 (Week 6): Integration, Celebration, and Establishing Support System


In these condensed programs, each session will cover multiple aspects of the original 12-week program to ensure comprehensive progress within the limited time frame of 60 minutes per week.

 12 week x 60 min 1:1 Career Accelerator 

Price: £500 x 3 monthly payment

Duration: 3 months - 12 x 60 min sessions

Subject to coaching contract.

Week 1: Desires and Aspirations

- Explore your desires and aspirations for your career to gain clarity on what you truly want.

- Identify your core values and how they align with your career goals.

Week 2: Uncovering Your Values and Purpose

- Dive deeper into your values and purpose to understand what drives and fulfils you.

- Align your career choices with your values and purpose to create a sense of meaning and fulfilment.

Week 3: Uncovering Barriers to Progress

- Explore obstacles, including underlying beliefs, that may hinder progress in achieving your career desires and aspirations.

- In-between session work: Engage in self-reflection exercises to gain self-awareness and understanding.


Week 4: Self-Reflection and Self-Discovery

- Uncover your unique strengths, skills, and talents that can contribute to your career success.

Week 5: Mindset and Empowerment

- Cultivate a positive and empowering mindset to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

- Develop techniques to boost self-confidence and resilience in your career journey.


Week 6: Clarity and Vision

- Gain clarity on your long-term vision for your career and create a roadmap to achieve it.

- Set specific and actionable goals that align with your vision and values.


Week 7: Values-Based Decision Making

- Learn how to make decisions aligned with your values and purpose.

- Develop strategies to navigate career choices and opportunities with confidence and clarity.


Week 8: Define Your Authentic Self 

- Identify and overcome obstacles to embodying the person you aspire to be.

- Design your brand and who you want to be. 


Week 9: Resilience and Adaptability

- Cultivate resilience and adaptability to navigate challenges and changes in your career journey.

- Develop strategies to bounce back from setbacks and embrace new opportunities.


Week 10: Goal Setting and Action Planning

- Set realistic goals that align with your values, purpose, and long-term vision.

- Create an action plan, breaking the goals into bite-sized pieces and tackling them one step at a time.


Week 11: Continuous Learning and Growth

- Embrace a mindset of continuous learning and personal growth to stay relevant and adaptable in your career.

- Identify opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement.


Week 12: Integration and Empowerment

- Review your progress and celebrate your achievements throughout the program.

- Develop strategies to maintain your empowered mindset and continue your growth beyond the program.

- Establish a support system by surrounding yourself with individuals who uplift and encourage you, providing guidance and assistance along your journey.

 Pay As You Go 1:1 Sessions 

 Duration: 60 min 1:1 Sessions Online  


While my coaching program is designed to provide guidance, support, and strategies to help you achieve your career goals, it is essential to note that your progress and results ultimately depend on your efforts and commitment. You may dedicate time each week to coaching sessions and self-reflection exercises such as journaling. This could involve allocating two hours weekly for coaching sessions, homework, and personal development activities.


I 'cannot guarantee' specific outcomes or that you will achieve a particular level of success. Various factors, including your dedication, mindset, and actions, determine your success. You must approach the coaching process with an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to taking action. Your active participation and engagement are essential for maximising the program's benefits. 


Please understand that the coaching relationship is a partnership, and I am here to guide and support you along your journey. However, you are responsible for making decisions, taking action, and applying the insights and strategies provided. 


You can not hold me liable for any outcomes or consequences of your choices or actions. By participating in my coaching program/session, you acknowledge and accept that your progress and success depend on your efforts and agree to take full responsibility for your actions and outcomes. 


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